The style of your garage door will reflect the general style of the home. You need to buy a door that shows your personality. Various styles and designs are available when it comes to garage doors. The style of your door will determine the look of your home from outside.

However, there are various factors apart from style that you should keep in mind when looking for a garage door. You need to consider aspects of the material used, automation, security features and other factors. DoReMi Door Lafayette garage door experts have a variety of styles, designs and features to choose from. A good door should be a combination of good style and security features.

Different garage door styles

Traditional garage doors

The traditional garage doors are made of wood. They are ideal for the traditional home designs and mostly the European andwooden garage door French origin. Just like the normal doors, these doors have hinges and the door consist of two parts. To close the door, you have to bring the two sides of the door to the middle and use a padlock or door.

Traditional garage doors bring that classic look for houses. We all know that wood is timeless and never goes out of fashion. However, some disadvantages come with traditional garage doors. These doors are too bulky, and wood is difficult to maintain because it is affected by water.

Panel doors

Panel garage doors are the most common doors, and you will find them in many houses. These doors can be constructed from wood, steel, aluminum or even fiberglass. You can get these doors in almost every house design because they blend easily with any design.

They consist of a rail, and a frame and move of them are overhead doors, and this means you have to open the door upwards. Panel doors are the most versatile type of the modern day, and many people prefer them over the other doors.

Contemporary garage doors

Contemporary garage doors incorporate a lot of style in the steel garage doordesign of the door. They even go a notch higher to make the garage door look just similar to the general house designs. These are doors for homeowners who are concerned about style even over functionality.

In the contemporary garage doors, you will notice the use of interesting materials like tempered glass, tinted glass, and even frosted glass. The size and the shape of contemporary doors are also unique depending on the taste of the homeowner.